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Welcome to the Earth Science Online Video Database. This originally started life as a recommendation list in a thread on Reddit's r/geology forum. I really wanted to find and showcase more scientific and generally high quality content, compared to the popular predilection for doomsday volcano and dinosaur documentaries, for the benefit of earth science students and all of us interested in the earth sciences.

  Eventually the list on r/geology became so big I had to divided it up into multiple posts, and so I moved it to this platform, Airtable, where it grew much larger. While I originally focused more on high-production and intelligent TV documentaries and movies, in my quest for more and more in-depth earth science content, I began to collect university and professional lecture series, seminars, as well as webinars and original internet content.

  The database now holds 5,00+ records, totalling more than 4000 hours of content. This is a work-in-progress. I am always adding new videos, and there is a submission form to submit your own recommendations for review, as well as any issues you might have with the presentation or content. One of the major areas of improvement I am working on is fully tagging every video, which is a very time-consuming process, and requires that I literally watch every single video to do it accurately. The other improvement is geo-coding those videos that focus on specific locations. I am gradually adding this data in as well, and you can now use the "Map View" (click the triangle above next to "Start Here" to find it) to discover content.

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